Banoffee Pie -Magical Touch of Kangarooland

This is the pie that my dear aussie man missed about Australia and asked me to make on one springlike day. In Finnish we have a saying ”Kukaan ei ole seppä syntyessään” that is ”No one is a blacksmith from birth”. The saying tries to decribe that no one is a master in anything before practicing. I realized that when I tried to make this easy pie, which turned out to be not easy at all.

Here are my list of dos and don’ts!

FIRST TIP: First step I did wrong was that I opened the cans of condensed milk, poured the liquid into a sauce pan. I heated it up and I cooked it for hours and I wondered why on earth it doesn’t turn into caramel sauce.

I should have read the instructions better: ”Remove label from can. Place UNOPEN can in the bottom of a large sauce pan. Cover with water, so that water is 2-3cm above the can. Bring the water a boil and boil steadily for 2 hours. Make sure that the can is all that time covered by water!” AN UNOPEN CAN! So DO NOT open the cans, BOIL THE CANS! If you don’t, you’re gonna be like a witch in front of a big saucepan trying to boil some magical soup without succes!

SECOND TIP: The second step I did wrong was that I decided not to use biscuits but I baked a large home-made oatbiscuit bottom by myself. I really don’t know how I exactly got this master idea to bake a massive oatcookie and set it in the pie plate as a cake base. Well, usually the layers of whipped cream and caramel sauce make the cake base soggy when it rests in the fringe for a while, but sooner than I knew I found out it didn’t happen if the cake base is a large homemade oatcookie!

This reality jumped towards my face and I became even more desperate when me and my aussieman came home from the bar in the middle of the night and I felt like a slice of banoffee pie. There I was hammering the bottom of the pie in the middle of the night trying to cut even a small slice of my homemade pie for a nightsnack..probably waking up the whole floor. And if you ask, no I wasn’t banging paintings onto walls at nighttime, I just wanted to have a snack!

So DO NOT try to bake the cookiebase. Stick to the basic and simple method which includes melted butter and crushed oatbiscuits (bought from the supermarket!).

Well my first banoffee pie wasn’t a succes as you may imagine. The second one was better. I managed to make the caramel sauce properly and when I gave up baking a massive home-made oatbiscuit for a cake base, it showed already the signs of magical Australian touch! My third banoffee pie was absolutely delicious.

From now on it’s one of my  favourite desserts and a speciality we serve for non-Australian friends and guests where ever they are from!

8 servings

For the base:

125 g Digestive biscuits (Graham crackers, oat biscuits)

150-200g melted butter

For the filling:

2 dl of cream (light cream is good as well)

4-6 bananas

1 can of condensed milk

50g chocolate

In a sauce pan, boil an unopened can of sweetened condensed milk for 2 hours. Make sure that it doesn’t run off the water.

Melt the butter and mix it with the cruched crackers. Press mixture into a pie plate. Whip the cream. Cut the bananas into small slices.

Build the Banoffee Pie on the top of the base. At first a layer of bananas, then some caramel sauce, then some whipped cream on the top of that. Build as many layers as you want. The more layers, the more delicious. Refrigerate before serving. Let it rest in the fringe for 4 hours to guarantee the result!

Enjoy. And I’d bet you’re gonna cook it again..and again…and again!


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