Chicken à la Veronique -Flavours of French Vineyard

Chicken à la Veronique describes my love of France.

France, the dreamland of gastronomists with its sophisticated foodculture offers an unforgettable trip for food lovers. You can find only the best what comes to the cheese, wines, cakes, breads…

This sauce à la Veronique has the flavours from the wineries..It is velvety, smooth and as its best when served with some elegant white wine.

4 chicken fillets

2 tbsp butter

1-2 onions

2-2 1/2 dl dry white wine

2 1/2-3dl chikcen stock

1dl cream

1 package of green grapes

salt and black pepper

Cook the chicken fillets and put them for wait until the sauce is ready. Cook the onions. Add wine and cook until boils, then reduce the heat. Add chicken stock and cream. In the end, just few minutes before serving add the grapes, so that they stay a little bit crunchy still. Serve with the asparagus, rice and some nice white wine. Bon appetit!


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