Creamy Chocolate Ripple Cake for a Lazy Cook

This dessert is easy, but heavenly tasty.  It is also very handy if you happen to hear in the morning about the coming guests. Chocolate ripple cake takes only half an hour to make and then it can sit in the fringe until the guests arrive.

When my dear aussie man asked me to make some Chocolate ripple cake and showed me a picture on the internet how it should be formed, I have to admit that it made me smile at first. This recipe, I think, is one of the most striking example of the fast-food culture we are living in. Luckily that culture hasn’t spread its wings to Finland, not yet! Or should I say unfortunately not yet…poor Finns have no idea what they have missed by not experiencing the tremendous taste of this cake…

As a Finn, I am used to do everything from the beginning to the end by myself and I try to avoid all the premade products…however I would say this is a dream recipe for a lazy cook! Perfect for busy people who don’t want to give up treats or taste!

2 cans of cream, 2 x 2dl

20-25 chocolate cookies

50 g chocolate

Whip the cream. Then follows the building of this delicious cake. The point is to buil a log of those cookies, actually to logs that are next to each other on a plate. You start by spreadin some cream on the other side of on cookie with a knife. Stand the biscuits on a serving plate one after another. Press them together so that  they form a log. Build another log right next to the other one. Cover the log with cream. Flake some crushed chocolate on top. Let it rest in a fridge for few hours or even overnight. The point is that cookies get softer and a bit soggy. So easy but soooo delicious!

WARNING AND A TIP : This is NOT for the people who are ON DIET!!! I don’t recommend to use light cream because it doesn’t get thicker in the frridge but in fact it usually gets watery when sitting in a fridge for many hours. There is a high risk for an unsuccesful result!


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