Blueberry Pie from the Forests of Finland

Tasty blueberry pie was a trademark of Twin Peaks, the famous TV-series shown on 90s. More and more eccentric people popped in the local coffee bar to enjoy its blueberry pie and coffee. Those scenes are hard to forget.

What can be better than just baked blueberry pie with some vanilla ice cream or sauce? Hardly anything, particulary if one has picked the berries from the forests himself.

Here is my favourite blueberry pie recipe. What makes the pie, and especially its base so nice is a secret Finnish ingredient: VIILI. ”Viili” is a Finnish sour whole milk -product. It is totally different from yoghurt. It is made by leaving a milk to sit in a lidded pot in room temperature over night. WHAT? REALLY? YES.

So if my dear aussieman who comes near the equator is afraid that milk goes off in room temperature, we Finns LOVE the milk which has gone off in room temperature -it is ”VIILI”! It is a delicious and precious dairy product not spoiled milk! To explain about its texture. Viili is a fluffy version of yoghurt and sour in a different way. It is glue-like and that’s why extremely challenging to eat. If you try to eat it with a spoon just when you thought you have caught one spoonful of it, it slips away. That fluffy texture however, makes VIILI an ideal ingredient for cake or pie doughs, it makes dough fluffy and juicy too!!!

So run to the nearest forest, pick some berries and bake a pie -today!

This blueperry will be the size of a baking tray! Have a party and serve it for  a massive group of friends!

8 dl flour

4 dl white sugar

2 tsp baking powder (baking soda)

200 g melted butter

2 eggs

2 dl VIILI, sour whole milk or sour milk

2 packages MAITORAHKA (which is also a Finniah product similar to French ”Fromage Blanc”, a different kind of sour milk product again)

2 eggs

2 dl white sugar

2 tsp vanilla sugar


Preheat the oven to 200 c degrees. Combine 8 dl flour, 4dl sugar, 2 tsp baking powder, 2 tsp vanilla sugar and melted butter. It is a crublu at this point. Take 1/3 of it and place it to a plate for wait. Add 2 eggs and 2 dl of VIILI to  2/3 of the dough. Mix well. It turns to  a thick  dough. Press that 2/3 of the dough on a baking tray and form the base 1-2cm thick. Mix 2 packages of MAITORAHKA (fromage blanc, sour milk), 2 eggs, 2 dl sugar, 2 tsp vanilla sugar and blueberries. Pour the filling on the top of the base. Sprinkle 1/3 of the crubly dough on top. Bake for 30 minutes until the top of the pie turns golden brown. Enjoy with some vanilla ice cream or sauce! For me this pie gives a flavour of Finnish forests with its multitude of berries.

PS. I tried this recipe with red berries and I served it for our american friend who visited us last August. Surprisingly our american friend who is more used to doughnuts and cheesecakes, as americans quite often do, loved this combination! I loved it to. I discovered that actually otherwise too strong and maybe a bit too vinegary taste of red berries gives an amazingly piquant flavour for this pie! So be experimental and try different berries! HYVÄÄ RUOKAHALUA (Bon appétit) as we say in Finland!

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