Duck Breast with the Smooth Sherry Sauce

Sherry sauce and Duck are an awesome combination. I recommend this dish warmly for all of those people who love the taste of duck! The piquant sherry sauce brings out in an excellent way the flavour of duck!

4 servings

2 Duck Breasts

Sherry sauce:

2dl demi-glace

1 dl Sherry

1/2 dl cream

20 g butter

Preheat the oven to 150° c degrees. Cook the duck breasts on a frying pan the fat side down until the fat turns to brown and golden.  Make the sauce. heat up demi-glace (but do not bring it to boil!!). Pour it through the filter. Put it back in the sauce pan, add the sherry, cook it for a while. Add the cream and butter. Put the duck breasts into the oven and cook them for 10 min (medium). If you want duck to be well cooked keep it in the oven for a longer time. Serve the duck with veggies or for example with that amazingly delicious sweet potato-apple purée, the recipe available on this blog as well! ENJOY!


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