Duck Menu

We had a girls’ night. It was a succes!!! Gourmet dinner and great company cheered us up in the middle of the darkness in November! This was the menu we created. It has been tested and well received. Everything goes so well together. No taste jumps over another. The night was crowned by all those amazing wines we tasted during this long four course dinner!

Finnish Swedish Gourmet Prawn Toasts

——-Moët et Chandon Rosé Champagne——

Pine Nuts hidden under the Goat Cheese -salad

——-White wine: Sylvaner, Alsace———

Duck Breast and Sherry Sauce with Sweet Potato-Apple Purée

——–Red Wine: Pinot Noir, France———

Prunes in Meringuecream -Toast for Finnish Winter

———Coffee and Cognac———–

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