Sweet Potato Apple Purée

We had a girls’ night. We cooked 4 course dinner together and we had  a great wine selection for every dish. That dinner including drink suggestions is found in the section of Menu Suggestions. This Sweet Potato-Apple purée was one of the best discoveries of that night. My friend had heard about it somewhere and we decided to give it a try. AMAZING!

This is an absolutely delicious side dish for any meat, but especially for duck.  Simple, but tremendously tasty!

4 servings

1 sweet potato

1-2 apples

salt and butter

Cut the sweet potato and apples into cubes. Cook them in the water until soft. Purée the swedish potatos and apples together in the blender so that the purée becomes smooth and velvety. Season it with a pinch of salt and small amount of butter. The sunny colour is enjoyable view on a plate and the taste won’t let you down!!!


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