Beany Leftover Chicken Sauce

One Sunday night we figured out that the fridge was almost empty, stores were closed and all we had was some frozen chicken, a can of beans in tomato sauce and on a plate some Hollandaise sauce left from morning… -we had a lovely English muffin breakfast-  neither of us thought about dinner until it was too late and we were starving.. Because this recipe was unplanned and made of leftovers it wil lbe called a leftover beany sauce.  Suprisingly it was quite nice, quick and easy..

1 big onion

1 garlic clove

1-2dl Hollandaise sauce

1 can of beans in tomato sauce

sliced chicken breast

2-3 tbs KeCap Manis

1tbs sugar

salt and black pepper

1. Cook the onions, add the chicken, add the bean sauce and finish the taste with some kecap Manis, salt and pepper.

2. Serve it with some rice.

And you will be surprised it is quite tasty isn’t it?


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