Summer Time Menu

The following menu suggestion has been tried and recognized to be tasty! All the recipes you find on my blog! The recipe for the goat cheese stuffed guinea fowl is the same as the goat cheese stuffed chicken filets you can find in the category of main courses.

—Welcoming Toast. Some Cava. For Example: Some Cava for example: Marqués de Monistrol Selección Especial Brut—

Asparagus wrapped in Serrano Ham

—Wine suggestion. Some Riesling from Alsace area. For example: Gisselbrecht Riesling Tradition, Alsace, France

Goat cheese stuffed guinea fowl wrapped in bacon with Jerusalem artichoke purée

—Wine suggestion: Some Chardonnay. For Example: Alamos Chardonnay, Argentina—

Rasberry sorbet (-a mid sorbet to increase your appetite)

—Wine suggestion: Some Cava for example: Marqués de Monistrol Selección Especial Brut, Spain

Heavenly Chocolate Cheesecake

—Wine suggestion. Some sparkling wine (not too dry). For Example: Yellowglen Pink, Australia—

ENJOY! This menu suggeston fits well for beautiful light summer night!


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