Deep Fried Mars Bars

I got a nice surprise, a deep fryer, from my parents (…well…at least I thought it was a nice surprise at first). For my dear Aussie man that was a dream come true. I had no idea what kind of deep fried world I was about to get to. From my experience one can deep fry all sorts of things..but mainly savoury ones. Deep fried sea food..deep fried dumplings…or well..maybe something sweet too like deep fried bananas..But never ever it had popped into my mind that one could even dream of deep fried Mars bars. At the first night when the notorius deep fryer was sitting in our kitchen I was asked and later almost prayed to make some deep fried Mars bars. Even the idea of deep frying something that is so sweet, chocolaty and ehh..fatty itself made me puke. In the end I gave up and I started to prepare the batter where I should roll Mars bars before deep frying them. First it didn’t go well as it was planned. My Aussie man was looking quite suspiciously when he saw my batter. The dough was so thick that I had to mould it around the chocolate bar. It didn’t look like professional’s work, but I decided not to bottle out. The result was a thick batter and a thickly deep fried Mars bar. Still my Aussie man’s eyes were glowing and he loved it, whereas after my first bite I knew it would be my last one. I was asked to deep fry Mars bars three time during that week. So finally I became an expert and I discovered a nice batter, Japanese tempura like, not too thick but still thick enough to keep the chocolate inside while deep frying those Mars bars. So here you can find the nice tempura batter, which works quite well.

1 egg

2 dl ice water

2 dl all purpose white flour

1. Beat an egg in a bowl. Add ice water in the bowl. Be sure to use very cold water. Add sifted flour in the bowl and mix lightly.

2. Roll the Mars bars and tip them into the deep fryer and let them fry until they look nice and golden brown.

The deep fried Mars bars are so dreadfully easy to prepare that if you love them be careful not to take it as a habit to have a Mars bar supper. Personally I dislike them,  even the idea of deep fried Mars bars makes my spine shiver. My Aussie man however couldn’t get enough of them, or he thought he wouldn’t.

To finish this lovely story of our deep fryer houshold, I have to mention how excited about deep fried food one can get. There was a footy night coming ahead and my Aussie man had invited a bunch of guys to our house to watch the game and have some dinner too. I was informed on a same day that the menu would be all deep fried. I had never heard such a thing as a deep fried 4 course dinner. The starter was deep fried mozzarella balls. They were juicy and nice, can’t complain. Then was the time to make some home made chips. They looked delightful, golden and crunchy. To satisfy the meaty part of the meal, the guys decided to deep fry sausages -BATTER SAUSAGES AND DEEP FRY THEM!-. I didn’t touch them, they were looking a bit too deep fried to me. To finish the dinner properly the last course was of course the legendary deep fried Mars bars. I couldn’t believe my eyes or ears when they started to prepare those disgustingly fatty brown things at 11 pm. I just looked at the guys and kept on wondering how on earth they finished all the dinner but they did. Not even a chip was left in a bowl. To make this story sound less grotesque, I should probably mention for all those who are not dedicated to the woderful life of Aussie rules football, that one footy game watched online lasts for 3 hours. So these three hours gave a bit of time to finish the meal. In any case 4 course deep fried dinner is a challenge.

Next morning my Aussie man woke up and the first words were ”I think I have gotten enough of deep fried food”. I smiled and  I returned the deep fryer to my parents house. I have no regrets. Our house was smelling fried canola oil for next seven days, but I couldn’t have been happier that the deep fryer was gone.

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