Walnutty Blue Cheese Salad for Midsummer Feast

We celebrated the Finnish midsummer -the nightless night – at our summer cottage this year like every year. It rained all night long, like usually in Finland during the midsummer night. The next day was as sunny as it could be. Can’t understand the unlucky midsummer weather, but at least we had a lot of good food to eat and nice wines to drink!

I was respronsible for the dinner menu with my dear Aussie man. Like usually he cooked the meat, I prepared the salads…If you let my Aussie man decide he would serve only different types of meat with different marinades, so I have to be strict every now and then and try to add some healthy fresh salads on the menu. I love salads, but the secret is to make them as tasty as possible, so that you don’t think whilst eating ”why everything healthy tastes always so bad?”. So here is one of the tasty salads we served. On the side of different salads my Aussie man served a selection of perfectly marinated ribs -yummy! Even my almost 90 year old grandparents loved them and were sucking every piece of meat around them!

green salad (for example Frisée or Pollo Rosso)

100g walnuts

150g blue cheese

white salad dressing (in Finland for exmple X-tra salad dressing is very tasty and budgety option)

1. Crush the walnuts. Cut the blue cheese into the small cubes.

2. Set the salad on the bottom of the salad bowl, sprinkle blue cheese cubes on the salad and crushed walnuts on the top of that. Pour the dressing into the salad and ENJOY!


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