Cute Cabbage Rolls

Cabbage and minced meat -it sounds quite boring doesn’t it? It depends however on how you combine those two..From the first time on when I cooked Finnish cabbage rolls for my dear Aussie man he was addicted to them! It hasn’t been only a few times that I’ve heard ”When do you cook me some cabbage rolls again?”..Frankly, I hear that question regurarly if I haven’t satisfied his cabbage roll quota. This is a very Finnish recipe. Simple ingredients but a guaranteed flvour experience…and what is even better healthy too! The following recipe hasn’t ever failed me!

1 big cabbage

1-1 1/2 ts salt

1 dl rice

3dl water

1/2 ts salt

400g minced meat (beef)

1 dl breadcrumbs

1 dl cabbage boiling water or water

1 dl cream or light cream or sour cream

1 onion

1 ts salt

1-2 ts marjoram

1/2 ts black pepper

On the top:

2-3 tbs brown sirop or KeKap Manis (sweet soysauce)

1-2tbs butter cubes

1dl water

1. Boil the cabbage as whole in a big saucepan. Take the leaves off when they are cooked and tender and set them on a plate to wait.

2.Boil the rice in the water for 10 min.Pour the water away. Combine cabbage boiling water and cream and add the breadcrumbs and let it rest for a while.

3. Cut the onion and cook it in the frying pan. Combine the minced meat, rice and onion with the breadcrumbs mixture.  Spice the mixture with salt, blackpepper and marjoram.

4. Take each cabbage leaf and put some meat mixture in it and roll it nicely and set it to the baking dish (the folded leaf side against the bottom of the dish).

5. After finishing all the rolls pour sirop or KeKap manis on the top of them. Set some butter cubes between the rolls and pour some water into the baking dish.

6. Cook the rolls in the oven of 225 degrees for 10 min, then reduce the heat into 175 degrees and bake them approximately for one hour.

Traditionally Finns eat these unbeatable cabbage rolls with some lingonberryjam -Yummy! Enjoy!


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