Pea Soup Saint-Germain

I used to cook this green pea soup for myself when I was studying hard, working at the same time and had hardly time to enjoy my time in the kitchen. This is a simple, quick, but tasty soup even if the colour is quite crazy -striking green. Green pea soup is healthy too and fresh, perfect for summer days. It is the full cream that makes it flavoursome! This kind of green pea soup is very French, to be exact very Parisien. It has gotten its name from the suburban area of Saint-Germain where people were farming green peas in olden days. The recipe is my modification of one recipe found in my old cookbook ( that used to be like a bible to me !!!). Try and enjoy! Duplicate the amount of ingredients if needed.

2 portions:


1 onion (sweet one)

200g (1 package) frozen green peas

2,5 dl water

3 tbs cream

salt and backpepper

1. Cut the onion and cook the cubes in the sauce pan with some butter. Add green peas water, salt and pepper and cook the soup under the lid approximately 10-12 minutes.

2. When the peas are soft purée the soup with an electric mixer.

3. Heat up the soup again, add the cream.

4. Serve it with crutons or with crunchy bacon crumbs!


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