French Onion Soup

It has taken ages for me to add any recipes on my blog. This time I cannot blame for myself, but one particular British Internet provider that wasn’t able to connect our internet after my dear Aussie man and I moved from our old place to this lovely new apartment near Oxford street.

Why I originally got an idea to try to cook some onion soup was when I went to this amazing French brasserie in Covent Garden in London. I couldn’t remember when I last time had had some onion soup so I ordered the soup and I remembered how mouthwatering it could be. When I searched for a recipe I ended up on a webpage that had an onion soup recipe from Julia Child’s cook book. I knew this would be the one worth trying, I cooked it one weekend for my dear Aussie man who ate two bowls and was craving for more. The soup is healthy but tasty. I tried the soup with Emmental cheese too, but French do know which cheese goes well with what. Onion soup with Emmental cannot be compared to one with some Gruyère on top. If you can find some very aged Gruyère you will get the best result. I believe the right cheese gives the magical touch for this soup!


1 tbs olive oil

1tbs butter

750g onions

1 garlic clove

2,5dl (1 cup) dry white wine

7,5 dl (3 cups) beef stock (Knorr jelly one is really good)

1/2-1tsp black pepper

hint of salt


Gruyère cheese

small cubes of white bread

1. Cut the onions into nice slices. Cook the onions and a pressed garlic clove in a frying pan until they turn into golden brown.

2. Add wine and let it simmer so that alcohol boils away.

3. Add the beef stock, salt and black pepper.

4. Let it cook without a lid at very low temperature for 90 minutes.

5. Heat up the oven into 180 celsius degrees. Pour the soup into small oven proof bowls, add some white bread  cubes on top and grate some Gruyère on the top of the bread. Let the soup cook in the oven for 10 minutes so that the cheese melts nicely.

Enjoy! This recipe is Julia Child’s and I can guarantee it is one of the best soups I have ever cooked, served or tasted.


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