Trumpet-shaped Chantarelle Pikeperch Bake

I went to back home to Finland for a lovely weekend. My parents are always spoiling me when I visit them. They cook amazing food and buy tasty wine. This Trumpet-shaped chantarelle pikeperch bake was a maserpiece my dad cooked. I would like to share this fantastic reipce with you. It tastes like autumn Finland and incredibly mouthwatering. This trupet-shaped chantarelle (Cantharellus infundibuliformis) is characteristic for late autumn Finland. The flavovour is a bit milder and more sophisticated than that of yellow chantarelle. If you taste this mushroom you get hooked, the favour is just amazing! Ryebread is the secret of this recipe, it is a great touch of unique Finnish flavour!

500-600g pikeperch fillets

1/2-1dl rye flour

black pepper



sunflower oil

ryebread (sliced rye bread like ”Ruispalat


150g trumpet-shaped chantarelle

1 big onion

2 tb soy sauce

1 packet of cep flavoured cream cheese (Creme Bonjour. If you cannot find it use basic cream cheese and try to find either ceps to go into the sauce or mushrooms.

2,5dl cream

2 tbs game stock

white pepper



1.) Put the rye flour and pikeperch fillets into a big plastic freezer bag, blow it full of air, seal it and shake it so that the fish fillets get battered.

2.) Put the oil and butter into the frying pan and cook the fish fillets.

3.) Start making the sauce. Cut the onion, cook the chopped onion in a frying pan. Add the trupet-shaped chantarelles, steam them a little while. Add soy sauce, cream cheese, cream and stock, salt and white pepper. Cook it on a low heat to get all the flavours in, 15-20min.

4.) Set the rye bread slices on the bottom of the baking dish. Add the fish fillets on the top of them. Pour the sauce on the top of the fish.

5.) Cook the fish bake in the baking dish in the oven of 100 celsius degrees for 30 min.



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