Spinach sauce, potato mash and fish fingers

I feel like I am turning to a child again. I think a major reason for this is our constant traveling and gourmet food we enjoy whilst being overseas. I feel like I want to go back to basics, back to my childhood meals because all the ”sophisticated” flavours do not taste as good as they used to do. I never thought I would say this, I have been a foody for a long time, but I guess people change and simple flavours start attracting again.

My Aussie husband has lately been laughing at me as I have been ordering steak and ale pies or steamed fish and mash on the menu when I could have gone for a nice fillet of beef. Due to my funny ordering habits, I had an interesting discussion with my Aussie man about the delights of simple food. He said in Australia they talk about ”Earthy food” which refers to these kind of tasty simple meals. Of course this earthy food varies depending on countries. For Britons and Aussies this Earthy food is Steak and Ale Pie, Shepard’s Pie, Sunday Roast and vegetables. For us Finns earthy food -especially if you have Eastern Finnish roots as I have- includes Karjalan paisti (Karelian Casserole), Mash potatoes, Spinach sauce, Oven cooked or smoked Salmon, Herring, Karelian Pies, Rosolli (home made beetroot salad), Kukkoset (a bit like Karelian pies), Meatballs etc. I think over the next month I will be adding these recipes to my blog as I really miss these earthy flavours!

My latest childhood food funniness includes spinach sauce that we Finns so often eat with summer’s ”new” potatoes as we call them. When I was kid I remember fish fingers -those silly little breadcrumb coated cod fillets- used to taste so delicious, not even talking about the potato mash. In fact I refused to eat potato in any other form, only mash was acceptable for my taste buds. Being so, my sweet father always mashed the potatoes on my plate! I know, some people would say I was spoiled as he used to do this still when I was 10 years old and definitely able to make my own mash. It just tasted better when dad did it! Well anyway below you can find a really simple recipe for spinach sauce. It tastes good with any type of white fish and potato mash. It is usually served with boiled egg, similarly to spinach soup and egg.


1 bag of frozen cut spinach or 250g french spinach finely cut
1 tbs butter
2 1/2 tbs flour
2 dl (1 cup) cream
1 1/2 dl water
Alternatively instead of water and cream you can use milk cream mixture.
1tsp salt
black pepper

1.) Deforst the spinach or cook the fresh spinach and mix it with butter in a sauce pan. Add flour and mix. Add cream and water or cream-milk mixture. Let it simmer such as it becomes a bit thicker. Add salt and pepper. Serve 🙂

The secret of a good mash is. Do not use new potatoes as the potatoes should not be waxy, hard and condensed. When you mash them add enough milk and butter to give the full flavour and make sure it gets the foamy and creamy texture.

FISH FINGERS…you know how to cook these. Could be labelled as fast food, but still so tasty.


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