Broccoli Capsicum Quiche

I know my sweet Aussie husband loves quiches, this time I tried vegetable one and it proved to be really flavoursome and tasty! I find it is so hard to make anything else than Quiche Lorraine, it is always good as the ham gives such a nice flavour. I thought I needed to try something new. I wanted the quiche to be cheesy but still fresh so cottage cheese works for this perfectly. Broccoli and capsicum (peppers) go well together and basil compliments their flavour. I warmly recommend this quiche -it a safe and sure tasty treat! If you want to make a lighter base, use pizza type of dough and let it rise before cooking it.

150g butter
3dl flour

500g broccoli
200g cottage cheese
150g Emmental cheese grated
a small bunch of fresh basil chopped fine
2 eggs
2dl (1 cup) double cream
1 tbs mustard (Dijon)
1tsp sugar
1tsp salt
black pepper

1.) Make the base by mixing flour and butter.
2.) Cook the broccoli before mixing it together with filling ingredients.
3.) Mix the filling ingredients.
4.) Cook in 200 degrees for 1h.



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