Finnish Potato Salad

What would a BBQ be without a home made potato salad? In Finland potato salad is a traditional dish at New Years or at summer time. We eat it usually with small sausages that we call ”prince sausages”. Our potato salad is quite sweet, but not too fatty. It is not only mayonnaise based but has a yoghurt type of flavour in it. The secret of a good potato salad is simplicity and of course Scandinavian sweet pickled gherkins that we call ”sandwich gherkins”. If you live in London, you can find these amazing sandwich gherkins (smörgåsgurka) at the Scandinavian kitchen on Great Tichfield Street. If you cannot find them you can use regular gherkins but then you may need to add a bit sugar to your potato salad to get the same sweet flavour.

The other night when our friends from Australia were visiting us we had a lovely BBQ at our backyard and of course I made Finnish potato salad. I have to admit I mixed the ingredients together without any measurements but I can estimate the amount of everything and here you can find the recipe. It is the most basic potato salad recipe, but I guess that is why it works. Everything got eaten in a blink of an eye!

5 cooked potatoes chopped into small cubes
100-150g Scandinavian sandwich gherkins (sweet pickled cucumber)
4 tbs natural yoghurt (not low fat!)
3tbs Hellmann’s  mayonnaise (light version)
half and onion chopped finely
1 tsp mustard (optional if you have a lot of mustard seeds in your gherkins you may not want to add mustard flavour)
half tsp salt
black pepper

Mix the ingredients together and enjoy the refreshing salad!


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