Minty Mud Cake

My eating habits have gone through noticeable changes within past months as I am expecting a baby. No unpastourised milk products which practically means no mozzarella, cream cheese, parmesan – all banned. No medium rare steaks, no cheesecakes neither sushi! It gets even more complicated here in England as they for example do not seem to pastourise quark or fromage frais -that are basically the same as Finnish ’maitorahka’- so often used in baking. Most of those things I do not even feel like but I have to be a bit sneaky every now and then to be able to eat grated parmesan or quark: cook pasta, add parmesan, put it into the oven to get it fully cooked..use cream cheese in baking where the products go to the oven.

I have been very lucky as I haven’t had crazy cravings, my cravings if you can even call them as such have been very healthy like avocados and rye bread. On the top of that I have had only a few aversions: bacon, steaks and chocolate, which I think are not that bad things to leave out.

Due to this current dislike of chocolate I had to find a way to use all the chocolate I have bought from Finland during my trips last spring ( I have 600g of chocolate in our cupboard)…My Aussie husband has a sweet tooth but not that sweet. So I thought about it, no cheesecake this time, but maybe a mud cake. I would not eat it but I thought it would be nice to take it to work. This recipe is very simple, I think I found it on website. I made it with Marianne chocolate though, a minty flavoured Finnish chocolate, but I bet the recipe would be amazing with dark chocolate too as it would have a fuller and richer flavour than the milk chocolaty one.

12 slices:
4 eggs
2dl sugar (1 cup)
200g chocolate
200g butter
2 1/2 dl white flour (1 1/4 cup), not self raising flour
1 tsp baking powder

1. Beat the eggs and sugar so that it becomes a foamy mixture.
2. Melt the butter and chocolate in a saucepan. Let it cool for a while.
3. When the butter-chocolate mixture is cooler mix it with the beaten sugar-egg mixture, do not whisk just mix them together.
4. Mix the flour and baking powder together in a separate bowl.
5. Add flour mixture in.
6. If you want to make the cake very chocolaty, you can grate some chocolate in like I did, approximately 50g.
7. Pour the mixture in a baking dish and bake for 20-25min in 200 celsius degrees at the lowest level in the oven.

Betty Crocker mixture on top will crown this cake!


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