Tosca Cake

Oh, it has been a while since I last added any recipes. I have a pile of recipes that I should add to my blog during the upcoming weeks! So watch this place! There are so many nice meals and desserts I have cooked lately. The reason why I ended up making Tosca cake last night is that whilst being pregnant I do not fancy anything sweet for some reason. Chocolate does not tempt me and ice cream neither, the two things I used to love. I find myself walking in the store thinking ”what should I have for dessert tonight?” and cannot find anything! Well, I know it is good in a sense that I have stayed as skinny as I used to be even though my baby bump has grown, but still it feels like a disappointment every time I leave the store without finding any potential dessert.Tosca cake is something very Finnish and Swedish. It is thought to be named according to Puccini’s opera, but who knows if the story is true.

This cake is quick and simple but so heavenly good as the almond flakes get nice caramel flavour when cooked in the oven. I used to love this cake when I was younger and after baking it last night I realised I still do love it in all its simplicity! My dear Aussie husband ate two slices in one go last night and wanted to have some for brekkie too :)! I recommend this recipe for everyone who loves simple but sweet flavour. It works every time!


2 eggs
1,5 dl sugar (3/4 cup)
2 dl plain flour
1,5 tsp baking powder
0,5 dl milk (1/4 cup)
100 g melted butter

75 g butter
100 g almond flakes
1 dl sugar
0,5 dl milk
1 tbs plain flour

1. Whisk eggs and sugar so that they become a foamy mixture.

2. Add dry ingredients, milk and melted butter.

3. Pour into the baking dish.

4. Cook the cake in 175 celsius degrees for 25min. Take the cake out when ready (make a fork test to make sure it is cooked).

5. Mix the icing ingredients in a sauce pan and cook the mixture until it turns into thick caramel mixture. Takes about 5-10min.

6. Pour the icing on the top of the cake and cook the cake still another 10-15 minutes until the icing gets nice brown caramel colour.


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