Duck and Waffle on the 40th floor

I decided now when being on maternity leave and having a bit more time to update my blog I would like to write more about my life in London in general. Restaurant and shopping tips etc. I will still keep on posting my favourite recipes as I love cooking and baking so much but I thought by extending my blog a bit I could actually write about all the things I enjoy: restaurants, traveling, clothes. jewellery…etc.

Like I mentioned earlier my Aussie husband and I have been trying to go out to the places that we know we may not be able to go for a while when the little one arrives. We also have a regular habit of having ”date nights” by doing something special to cheer up our every day working life. A week ago we decided to try the place that seems to be pretty much ”the place” in the City of London –Duck and Waffle. The restaurant focuses on French-British experimental cuisine and is situated on the 40th floor of the building called Heron Tower.

You really need to book a table to this restaurant as it is extremely popular. They do brunches and dinners. In order to get to the restaurant you take a high-speed glass lift up to the 40th floor (takes maybe 15 seconds). They have cocktail bar separately from the restaurant. The cocktail bar is ”an open bar”, meaning a huge cocktail table is set in the middle of the scenic room where people can enjoy their cocktails and see the city below their eyes.


At first I enjoyed a non-alcoholic Mojito whilst we were waiting to be seated. The view was amazing! You can see so many London landmarks: Gherkin, Tower bridge, St Paul’s Cathedral. Tower of London! I, however, have to say the place is not for people with acrophobia. The glass elevator ride itself is quite exciting and as it goes so fast you will feel it in your tummy whilst going up and your ears get blocked when you go down. Views are great though!


When we got seated we decided to try their experimental dishes so here is what we ordered.

Foie Gras ”all day breakfast” -This was a toast with warm nutella, warm foie gras, quail egg and a few tiny gourmet black puddings.

Roasted Octopus with lemon, chorizo and capers -This was not very experimental but as I love seafood I wanted to try it!

BBQ spiced crispy pig ears -These were small crispy sticks so you actually have no idea what you eat.

Duck and Waffle -This was a crispy duck confit with a few Belgian waffles, fried duck egg served with a cup of mustard maple syrup. So tasty!


Warm chocolate brownie, peanut butter ice cream and crunchy caramel -This was one of the best brownies I have ever eaten!!! Brownies can so often go wrong as being too dry and boring but this brownie just melted in the mouth!


Huia, Pinot Noir, Marlborough, NZ
Tilia, Malbec, Mendoza, Argentina -This one was really good and in fact their cheapest. The NZ Pinot Noir was not for my taste and also so over priced too, twice as much as the Malbec!


Overall the service was excellent and I can only recommend this place both from the scenic and culinary point of view. As a funny story I can add that the waitress whilst seating us was asking when my due date was and she couldn’t believe her ears when I told her that it was in 10 days time. She probably thought I was crazy coming to the 40th floor as being so heavily pregnant. I guess I have been one of those lucky ones that have had an enjoyable pregnancy until 39 weeks and feeling extremely mobile, cheerful and compact (now on my last week feeling like a whale though!!). The kind waitress also noted that they are baby friendly so I assume this means that during the brunch and lunch time they are happy to have whole families there which was nice to hear. Maybe I want to take my small princess there one day.


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