Tarte au Chocolat -French Chocolate Tart

Chocolate Tart
My Aussie husband and I have been trying to go and eat out as much as possible before the small one arrives. A few weeks ago we went to an amazing French bistro in Marylebone in London called 28-50 Wine workshop and kitchen. The food was just heavenly. I have always been a big fan of French food, but this place was just fantastic. I ate fish with all sort of lovely vegetables, they also served TRIPLE COOKED chips and for dessert I had Tarte au Chocolat. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I got this chocolate tart and the flavour was beyond description. The other good thing in this place is that as it is focused on wine it has a large selection of wine by glass and you can taste only small glasses. They serve 75ml, 125ml and 175ml. As being pregnant I went for a tiny glass of Riesling with the fish dish. On weekdays (Mon-Thurs) this place is also BYO and they only charge for a corkage so they want to encourage you to enjoy their food but bring your own wine if you fancy something particular.
So, if you happen to live in London or just visit the city, I warmly recommend to check out this place. It won’t let you down. As a soon-to-be-a-new mum I can imagine this place being rather baby/child friendly during the lunch time. It is not too posh but has still the higher end atmosphere.


Inspired by this dinner I tried to find a perfect Tarte au Chocolat recipe. I found one on a French website and the recipe has been introduced by a well-known French chef. Thanks to by exchange year in France I was able to watch and understand his demonstration video and translate the recipe into English. I baked it last weekend and it was mouthwatering. My dear Aussie husband just kept on eating it a slice after slice. I actually had to wrap the tart away otherwise he would have gotten Tarte au Chocolate overdose and who knows what might happen then!!! Here it is:

180g (=2 1/2dl) plain flour
70g (=3/4dl) sugar
75g butter (salted)
3 egg yolks

50g (1/2dl) milk
120g (=1 1/4dl) cream (this should be cream de fleurette that equals sigle cream in England, I used extra thick double cream as I wanted to make it super creamy, up to you if you want to be healthy or not, I don’t save in calories what comes to the desserts and baking!)
120g dark chocolate (at least 60%, I used 70%)
12g butter (a few table spoons)
2 eggs

1. Heat up the oven to 170 celsius degrees.
2. Mix the dough ingredients together. Mix first flour, sugar and soft butter and then add the egg yolks. Let the dough rest in the fridge for 30min. After that put it into the baking dish and cook in the oven for 10min.
3. Whilst the base is cooking prepare the filling. Heat up the milk, cream and butter on the hob. Turn the hob off when mixture is smooth and add the chocolate pieces and let them melt into the mixture. After the chocolate has melted add the eggs and whisk the mixture until it is a bit thicker.
4. When the base has been cooked, pour the filling on the top of the base. Put the tart to the oven and turn the oven off. Let it bake there in the lowering heat for 31 minutes.
5. After it looks perfectly cooked and the filling seems to be set take the tart from the oven. You can put it to the fridge to cool down after a while and then it will be ready for serving sooner.

Enjoy with some whipped cream or vanilla ice cream!

2 kommenttia artikkeliin ”Tarte au Chocolat -French Chocolate Tart

    • Joo kuohukermaa laittaisin, ei diettiversiota, koska täytteestä tulee vaan täyteläisempi kunnon kermalla. Mä tosissaan käytin extra thick creamia, joka on siis vielä tuhdimpaa kuin kuohukerma 🙂 Tämä ohje on uskomaton ja super helppo myös.


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