My Hairdresser -Charles Worthington

I have been loyal to the hairdresser I have visited for years and years in Finland. This particular salon was Velvet on Yrjonkatu in Helsinki. I used to go there to get my hair done and every time I left home extremely content. Despite living overseas in London for over two and half years I have still been regularly visiting the same hairdresser lady in Velvet in Finland. This means that basically I have flied to Finland every other month and during the trip have gotten my hair done.

I faced a hair crisis just before Christmas. I couldn’t fly to Finland as I was so heavily pregnant. I also realised I would not be able to fly to Finland until May as all the baby passport stuff would take quite a while to organise and to get used to the life with a newborn would take some time too. This meant that I really had to start finding out where to go to get my hair done in London. This really gave me a head ache! Being such a huge city the variety in price and quality is shocking. I would say you really need to know where to go. Once my dear Aussie husband went to the barber that looked ok and he ended up leaning forward to put his head to the sink so that the barber could wash his hair. Wow!

For me going to the hairdresser is all about the experience. I want to enjoy every second and feel confident that the hairdresser knows what she or he does. I did a bit investigation and also talked to one of my Finnish friends. I got recommended to go to Charles Worthington in Covent Garden and I have to say it was EXCELLENT!

charles worthington covent garden
What makes it so fantastic is that you can choose if you want your hair to be done by Graduate/Stylist, Senior Stylist/Manager, Colour Degree Expert, Senior Manager or Colour Director and the prices vary depending on the level of the hairdresser. I went for the Senior Stylist as I wasn’t looking for a massive change in my look so didn’t think I would require any colour expertise.

The service was excellent right from the beginning and when I met my hairdresser I immediately felt that she was on the same page with me. Whilst she was doing my hair I was able to order lattes or any drinks I wanted – unlike at the Finnish hairdresser salons this place had also champagne as a refreshment on the menu. As I was pregnant I couldn’t obviously have champagne but I thought next time I go there I will pamper myself on Saturday and get a glass of bubbly!

I had two people doing the highlights -so they were super fast when applying the colour. They also had some extra time, I guess I was a rather easy customer as I knew exactly what I wanted, so they offered me a complimentary hot towel hair treatment and it was heavenly! A perfect way to start my maternity leave!

When I left they gave me a small pampering bag to go. It contained some lollies and Charles Worthington heat protector hair product.

CW protect

In fact this heat defence spray is quite a good one and really budget too like all their professional hair products.

I have been always very convinced to use only Kerastase or L’Oreal’s professional products, but after trying this heat protector spray I bought Charles Worthington shampoos just to give them a try and they are pretty good, seem to suit my hair. I bought the one that is supposed to add shine on your hair.

CW brilliant shine

This shampoo has been really good to be honest and that is why I have decided to try some of their other products too. In the end I bought different shampoos and also the leave in conditioner (see below). We’ll see how I go with them. The leave in conditioner made my hair so smooth so I am very content with it.

CW leave in conditioner

So if you are looking for a nice professional (and pampering) hairdresser in London I recommend this place -amazing service, nice location and great expertise! My dear Aussie husband thought it was a bit extravagant but for a woman the hairdresser is all about pampering right!? Champagne next time.


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