Baby is here!

I got a lovely baby girl on Monday morning. I guess I was one of those lucky women who have an easy delivery. This is my first child so all the midwives were rather surprised when the overall delivery from the start to the end was less than 4 hours and the baby was born in fact in 10min. The experience was great in every way and I have to say it is now only a positive and wonderful memory in my mind. No pain relief was needed, I didn’t even have to consider gas or air. My little daughter evidently didn’t want to cause too much trouble 🙂 We got home yesterday and the new and exciting life as a family can start.

I think I am hormonal high and having the baby love! I am also so happy to start using all the lovely baby clothes I have bought within past few months. One tip for you who like organic stuff and have a baby. There is the label called Organics for Kids. They make amazing organic baby clothes by using organic cotton that feels so soft and cozy that as an adult you feel like having a one piece made out of the same material. We fortunately have a really good organic store Born just nearby our house that stocks a wide range of this particular brand.

I bought two cute rompers



And a lovely Gekko blanket for Moses basket and cot.


If you have chance to buy these products I warmly recommend. They are not cheap but the quality of the fabric is just amazing!

Well that is about the baby stuff! My next post won’t be about babies. Promise. In fact I have a fantastic recipe I need to share with you so will be posting that next 🙂


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