Soldier’s Evening Leave Cake -Sotapojan iltalomakakku

ImageI promised a really good recipe as my next post.  Soldier’s Evening Leave cake is one of the first cakes I have baked when I learned to cook and bake. This recipe is from some Finnish ladies magazine back in early 90s. My mother picked it up, cut it and stuck it to her recipe book. The recipe is very simple but super delicious. In Finland we call these kind of cakes ”dry cakes” as they do not have any filling or topping. This name is a bit misleading as the ”dry cakes” are supposed to be quite moist to taste delicious.

I remember there was a story related to this recipe. Some lady posted this recipe to the magazine telling her story from the war time Finland. She told she used to bake this cake for the soldiers who came for the evening leave. Pretty sweet!

I think sometimes simple is good and this cake definitely proves it. It is obsiously very simple as it is a war time recipe but I think it works! I may bake it again very soon. I bet we will be hosting many visitors who come to see our litte lady!

3dl milk
1 1/2 dl sugar
1 1/4 dl coco powder
180g butter
2dl sugar
3 eggs
2 tbs vanilla sugar
4dl plain flour
2tsp baking powder
2-3tbs dark rum ( I add always a lot more 🙂 for flavour)!!!

1. Heat up the milk, sugar and coco powder in the cassore until boiling. Cool the mixture.

2. Beat the sugar and butter until foamy. Add eggs one at time. Add the cool coco powder mixture.

3. Mix the flour, vanilla sugar and baking powder and add to the dough.

4. Bake in a cake dish in 175 celsius degrees for 1h.

Decorate it when the cake is cool by sprinkling some icing sugar on top 🙂


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