Swarovski Crystal Jewellery by Jon Richard

I love jewellery. Usually when I am traveling I buy earrings, all kind of earrings and when I wear them I remember the place I have been to. I think buying earrings is a small but nice way to get some souvenirs from countries and cities I have been and had amazing time.

I sometimes wish my purchases would limit to only traveling but unfortunately it does not. If I go for shopping I find myself almost every time looking at earrings, necklaces or bracelets and so often it is too difficult for me to leave them to the store.

My new favourite budget jewellery is Jon Richard’s jewellery that contains Swarovski crystal elements. In London you can find them for example at Debenhams. My latest purchase was these lovely earrings:


And this beautiful necklace. I love it as it resembles a snow flake!


After buying these I have worn them almost every day. They have yellowish reflection so they go nicely with brown and beige clothes.

Yesterday I ended up going back to the store again…and not surprising what happened. I bought another piece of earrings

jon richard earrings and also 20s style head band.

jon richards head band

You can buy these online if you want something budgety but pretty. I certainly like them.


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