Raw food -Home Made Hazelnut Nougat

nougatMy cousin in an excellent cook what comes to vegetarian and raw food. She always has interesting new recipes to share and one of the latest ones was this home made hazelnut nougat. It is very simple but super tasty. It is not too sweet and suits for example for my taste palate as I prefer the treats that are not too sweet. I am munching loads of all kind of nuts every day -the latest craze is pecan nuts 🙂 But overall I eat so many nuts, peanuts, yoghurt coated raisins and nuts, sesame-honey bars etc. that my dear Aussie husband calls me chipmunk!! This hazelnut nougat has the  natural sweetness form honey but no white sugar or anything artificial added. This is also a great treat for your toddler or for diabetics if you do not want to serve white sugar.

2dl hazelnuts

4tsp water

2 tbs honey/agave syrop

2tl carob or coco powder ( I have been using coco powder, I couldn’t use carob whilst I was pregnant as it is said to start contractions…who knows if it is true but I didn’t want to take any risks…)

1. Crush the hazelnuts so that they turn to almost powder.
2. Add water, honey and coco or carob powder and mix well.
3. Mould the mixture to be the long roll and put it to the fridge to sit and set.
4. When serving cut nice small pieces from the roll.
5. If you want to decorate the nougat roll some crushed hazelnut on it.

I love this nougat, I hope you do too!!! Yum!


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