Home Made Jewellery

As I have mentioned before I love earrings. I love buying them when travelling but the great thing during my maternity leave has been a chance to make my own jewellery. I have made so many earrings and still  more is on its way.

I have been buying beads and pearls and all the other parts needed from the lovely small store in Soho called Creative Beadcraft 🙂

They have a good selection, reasonable prices and the best thing is that unlike like buying on the internet, you can actually see the beads, sizes and colours more clearly.

Below a few pieces I have made:


Fairy earrings.






More antique 20s style.






Modern and colourful, goes with my purple dress.





It is nice how you can decide your own colours and match them with the clothes you have sitting in the cupboards! Home made jewellery is also a nice gift. I have sent lovely earrings to my mum, sister, mother in law and sister in law. If you have spare time I warmly recommend to make your own jewellery. I have to warn though, it is very addictive and you notice how you start hordering more and more beads and pearls, in fact more than you have time to make!!!


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