My trusted beauty products

I am not blessed with the beautiful or easy skin (at least I feel that way). I really need to work on to keep it moist and clear. Particularly during the winter time my skin just dries out and I feel it is pealing and falling off whatever I do. Must say that my skin is a lot healthier in England as the air is more humid and winters are not that ruthless as in Finland.

I have one moisturiser that I have used for years and years.  You may laugh at me when you read about it as I believe you would assume me mentioning some great high end brands like Chanel or YSL and list one of their moisturisers as the best one. No, in fact I use one particular pharmacy product called Bellavita. The reason why I initially even ended up trying this super old fashioned moisturiser is my grandma. She is now 93 and obviously has wrinkles but she has had the most amazing skin out of all the people I know. She hardly had any wrinkles in her mid 80s and her skin was always smooth and moist and she used Bellavita. Of course my grandma was a bit obsessed to take care of her skin, always trying some crazy herbal treatments, cucumbers, anti wrinkle creams etc, but overall Bellavita has been her trusted products for decades. I guess what describes how vain my grandma is, is the following comment. I have a very wide smile and I smile a lot, my Aussie husband calls me chipmunk every now and then due to my smile. Well, my grandma has always been telling me not to smile so much so that I would not get many wrinkles. There is no question from whom I have inherited my vain personality!!! Anyway Bellavita is great. I think it works even under the make up too. My biggest crisis is that it can be only purchased in Finland so I have to stock up every time I go there or ask someone to bring me more if I have finished mine. I couldn’t use Bellavita during the pregnancy as it contains vitamin A (that is considered bad for foetus by adding risk of malformation) and I have to admit that the first few months my skin really was going through a bad phase. If you live in Finland and you have gotten disappointed with all the high end brands and their claims to do miracles to your skin, try Bellavita, I have found it amazing. I use the light day cream as it is suitable under the make-up too 🙂





Second moisturiser that I have used if I haven’t had any Bellavita available is Demalogica Intensive Moisture Balance.

dermalogicaThis product is pretty pricy. A small tube will cost you £25 so €30, but it is really good. It may irritate your skin when you apply it for the first few times but after that it certainly does heal and calm your skin! Unfortunately this moisturiser also contains vitamin A so I was too afraid to use it during the pregnancy, now, however, I have used it loads!

My last moisturiser product particularly during the pregnancy was widely advertised Bio-Oil. I bought it for myself to avoid stretch mark on my belly. Many celebrities in England have spoken highly about it. I believe it definitely helped me and I am very happy to recommend it to pregnant or non-pregnant ladies! Of course it is difficult not to get any stretch marks but if you get only a few tiny ones I think the product has served its purpose reasonably well!!!. I could imagine it being an excellent moisturiser for Finnish cold and frosty winters too!

bio oil






Well I hope these products may help you and you find them as useful as I when you try them! In my next post  I will introduce my favourite make-up products, with them I am a lot more traditional and swear in the name of Chanel 🙂


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