Lazy Day -Big Hair?

I guess I never realised how limited amount of time I would have to dress up and do the make-up and hair after having a baby. I have a lot of time yes, I am on maternity leave, but just when I am about to put on make-up or clothes the little peanut is hungry. What makes it worse is that I am too vain to give up looking well-dressed so I have used all my brain capacity to organise some time and finding the ways to look that I have spent a lot of time on my hair and face even though in reality it all has been done in minutes.

Of course you don’t even have to be a mother to feel this way, sometimes time just runs and you are busy or in the morning before going to work you want to maximise the time of sleep  instead of waking up early to make yourself extra pretty. Well below I have gathered three of my ”life savers” during the past few weeks.

If you fancy a big hair that looks like you have been thoroughly blow drying it after the shower the fantastic device is BabyBliss Big Hair that basically combines blow dryer and hair brush! This automatically rotating hairbrush both dries your hair and curls it and you get an amazing ”windy”look that honestly looks like you have been spending hours with it. This BabyBliss curler was my mum’s tip, in fact she bought it for herself first whilst visiting here, I tried it and I went and bought it straight away. It is amazing! It really works for my hair type! So if you run out if time in the morning buy this, you won’t regret! This saves me if I wanna leave my hair open but not look like I have just come out of the bed!






Second tip: If I want to put my hair up and I don’t have time or I have a ”bad hair day”… I use a hair sausage or I think it is also called ”roly poly” in England.

roly poly 1

These hair sausages (in Finnish valkki)  are great inventions! You just roll your hair around them, use popper to clip the sausage into a round shaped roll and add a few extra pins to hold it and voila your hair looks great! I have to thank my dear sister for bringing me a roly poly, I had completely forgotten the use of hair sausages but she was smart and realised that I may need something that would make my hair look great in a few minutes!

In the Sex and the City Carrie has often her hair up with a hair sausage. If you want to have a similar kind of hair that looks like you have built it for a long time, I recommend to buy a roly poly. It will be only a few pounds or euros and you have no longer ”bad hair days”!!! 🙂

carrie hair sausage







My third tip is about the finish. If you don’t have time to apply multiple hair products at the same time, but you want your hair to either stay up well with a lot of volume or after drying it you want to add the volume without using hairspray that may break your hair in the long run. Try Fudge. This is an Australian hair product line and I have found it excellent in terms of price and quality. I was lucky to travel to Australia and able to buy it from there. It was so much cheaper, probably half of the price than in Europe, but it is not too expensive here either! So, to add volume I have used Fudge Dry Shampoo.

Fudge Dry Shampoo







They do also dry conditioner that you spray and it will make your hair silky. Personally I find that the dry shampoo is better and more useful. It does add a lot of volume and works as a hairspray by helping your hair (even though heavy one) to stay in a shape all day long!!! I have a super heavy hair and I have lots of it and this dry shampoo keeps it voluminous! My hair is difficult and most of the products don’t work for me but these Fudge products are genius, practical and reliable!

Well I hope you may find some of these products useful, I certainly have!


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