House Hunting and Finnish Decor

After having a baby I think my husband and I have a had very strong nesting feeling. Living in an inner city apartment does not feel like home and the lack of space has started to drive us both nuts. It is unbelievable how much you can cumulate stuff after having a baby and it only gets worse when she gets bigger. Due to these reasons we realised we needed to upgrade our living. At first we started with the search of 2 bedroom places, I viewed many and none of them pleased me, all were too small. The problem in the inner city London is that Victorian conversions as they were never built to be flats are not using space efficiently and so often the feel in the flat is crowded and packed.

We understood we may need a 3 bedroom in the end…after investigating a bit again we thought no, so difficult to find a perfect apartment with the we agreed that maybe we could move a tiny bit more north..just a few kilometres, maybe five max. We found a lovely area 5 km north. it is also a great ctachement area for schools which is great and just like in the dream we found a fantastic looking house that we went to view on Saturday. Wow! That was love for the first sight! It was 4 bedrooms, 2 lounges, en suite bathroom, family bathroom, additional toilet, garden and a huge kitchen plus laundry corner room.  There were wooden floors -this is something that I require!, as a Scandinavian I never get used to the idea of dirty and dusty carpets- and luxurious kitchen! We were in love! We put the offer in immediately and we (or should I say mainly me) were so nervous whilst waiting to hear back from the landlords if they accepted the offer. After two nerve wrecking hours we heard that we were chosen out of all the people who viewed the place. We were thrilled!!!! We are moving on May 1 and I cannot wait!

I am so excited to decorate the whole house and buy furniture. I love Finnish design particularly Vallila interior. The prints on curtains and cushion covers are just fantastic, modern and stylish! I also like some Marimekko prints so a few of the curtains will be Marimekko.

Lounge will have turqoise Bulevardi Vallila curtains. I bought these for our current flat as it reminds me of Helsinki, my home town.

vallila bulevardi My dear Aussie husband and I used to live just around the corner of Bulevardi which the print is made of and this print just make me feel like home. It is like bringing Helsinki, my home, to our lounge! I also have cushion covers made of the same print so that will be a nice combination in our new house.


We are planning to use the other lounge as our daughter’s playroom. I will buy a piano (second hand of course) as soon as we move in. I cannot wait to start playing again. I have missed playing piano and every time I go back home to my parents’ place I spent a lot of time just playing through the song books. It will be great for our daughter as I can play and sing for her then. But well for the play room I chose these lovely Vallila curtains called Kaisaniemi (a park in Helsinki), the print is playful and child minded.

Marimekko satula

Our bedroom will have my favourite Marimekko print called Satula. Currently we have these curtains in our lounge.

Marimekko tantsu








Our daughter will have Marimekko’s Tantsu curtains. these were the curtains I used to have in my single girl flat in Helsinki. The initial reason I bought them was that they were very feminine and also because my that time fashion idol Carrie Bradshaw from the Sex and the City had the curtains in this television show.

tantsu SATC





Vallila BerliiniThe biggest headache was which curtains should I choose for the guest bedroom. I was thinking if it is too much to have more Vallila or not. In the end I thought it would be a nice theme to actually have different Vallila curtains around the house. So I decided to go for Berlin curtains. I love the pink feature on them!! If you are a Finn and excellent online store to buy Vallila is Verholine ky, they have good offers there! Kaisaniemi curtains were in sale!! i also bought my Bulevardi curtains  a few months ago from this store and they were in sale as well 🙂


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