Books for new mums

This post will be really boring for you who are not mothers or never planning to be, but I still wanted to post a few books that I have found extremely useful and interesting to read. In fact two of these are the recommendations of my friends who got their babies before me and I feel so thankful that they shared these book tips with me!

The first one that I read already when being pregnant was French Children Don’t Throw Food known also as Bringing Up Bebe (suomennos Kuinka kasvattaa Bebe). It is such a great book, funny, entertaining but also has a few really good tips. I personally like the ”French style” as I did my exchange student year there and fell in love with the French culture. Some people may think based on the book that French parenting is too rigid and not enough baby-led. I, however, like more this old fashioned parenting ideal where adults are adults and children should wait for their turn, but this is of course my personal opinion, so of course I liked to book as it supported my own ideal.

french children d ont throw food

There is also a shorten version of this same book. It gives you 150 tips which are basically taken straight from the above mentioned book. So, if you don’t want to read the story but only the advise you can buy the book called French Parents Don’t Give In. It is good.

french parents don't give in

The book tip I got from one of our friends was Wonder Weeks. It is fantastic. It is basically a book that introduces 10 leaps that babies go through during their early development and these leaps are called wonder weeks. The book tries to bring the baby perspective and describe how they potentially experience these changes -wonders- that happen in their world. Due to these changes, babies may be crying, clingy and cranky as they are so overwhelmed about the leap they are going through. Of course this terminology ”Wonder week” is partially created to encourage parents during those difficult times as they can tell to each other that the baby is going through a leap and that is why she or he is cranky and crying and that this phase will pass. I, however, think this is exactly what you need, someone to tell you it is a phase, not a permanent condition (even though the crying periods may last for a long time, you rather think positively that they will pass). So, I warmly recommend this book for all new mothers! You can also go to the Wonder Week website and subscribe to a newsletter that is based on your baby’s due date. Then you will receive emails that will ”warn” you about these upcoming Wonder Weeks and that there may be stormy clouds in the sky 🙂


My last book recommendation is also a tip from my friend. The book is called The Happiest Baby on the Block.  The approach is extremely interesting. The paediatrician who wrote the book explains the behaviour of newborns and particularly the first three months of their life as being foetus type condition. He thinks that babies come out three months too early and they are still like foetuses during the first months of their life. Due to this they need so much affection and caring. He highlights that you need to spoil your baby with love -the idea which I so like! He also introduces this crazy technique to calm down crying -particularly colicky babies. It is 5 s’s approach:
1. Swaddling

2. Side/stomach position

3. Shushing (white noise)

4. Swinging

5 Sucking

These primitive things will help babies to calm down. The writer refers to older generations and primitive cultures where they do these things and they seem to work as silly as it may sound. I found this so interesting that I tried this approach when my own baby had a bit of evening colic and magically it worked. I have been against swaddling for a long time, like many post modern mothers I don’t like the idea of ”tying down the baby”, I however changed my mind after reading this book and ever since  I have swaddled my daughter every time she gets this colicky evening crying mood on (she is not properly colicky as she only cries seldom but has a few strong cries every now and then and during these cries nothing seems to help, poor little thing), and swaddling calms her down.

So, for her this 5 s approach works like a magic. In the middle of a crazy cry I swaddle her, I shush into her ears gently and I put her to side/stomach position and she already calms down, I don’t even have to do the latter swinging or sucking part! So if you suffer from these colicky cries, try this, it worked for my daughter. I also have started to admit that maybe older generations knew something we have denied. Mothers have swaddled their babies for centuries, so it must have worked. Like my dear Aussie husband noted, multiple families where living in the same house and they couldn’t handle all the babies crying all night long, they must have discovered this swaddling and shushing technique to make nights bearable. Well, anyway read the book and try!

The happiest baby

I recommend also to check out the youtube video:

Well, my next post is going to be about fashion or food, not baby book tips, I guarantee 🙂


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