Avocado Cottage Cheese Salad


My small baby girl and I travelled to Finland over the weekend for five days. The trip was fantastic, she slept well in the clean and fresh Nordic air and I believe she also loved cute cats and dog that are running around my parents’ house. Older one of the dogs worked as a perfect baby monitor as when the baby cried the older poodle lady ran as fast as she could to see if everything was ok!

Anyway, during the Finland trip my mum introduced this tasty and strange sounding salad to me. You mix mashed avocado, cottage cheese and black pepper together and it is ready to be served. Yummy! This recipe is very typical of my mum. It has been always very important for her to make healthy food. I remember that during my childhood we didn’t really eat lollies mainly home cooked desserts  and those were usually Finnish pulla, fruit salad or some fruit tarts..sometimes a home made chocolate cake, but that was for some real occasion. We never ate ready meals, everything was home made from scratch. Mum didn’t even use any pre-made sauces or flavourings. We didn’t eat hamburgers or pizzas -only when dad was in babysitting turn :)- and that is why I probably ended up being a 28-year old and never ever having tasted KFC or Burger King until last year!

Of course as a child I was often disappointed that other kids were eating lots of ice cream and lollies and we hardly ever had ice cream in the freezer or lollies in the cupboards. These days I am, however, so thankful that my mum passed these healthy eating habits to me. I think she taught me to appreciate good food, fresh ingredients and seasonal cooking. I hope I managed to pass these important things to my own daughter too.

So here is the avocado cottage cheese salad recipe. It is too simple to be so tasty and it works perfectly as a quick lunch (as I happen to have these days). It is also good for people who do running or jogging as cottage cheese has a high protein content. This will be my sporty lunch when I start running again 🙂

1 avocado (mashed), make sure it is nicely ripe

1dl cottage cheese (can put less if you prefer more avocado flavour)

sprinkle of blackpepper

If you prepare this in England I would suggest to add a tiny bit of salt as English cottage cheese is mainly sour but not salty. If you prepare this in Finland I recommend to use Arla’s cottage cheese it is amazing and so far creates the best combination of flavours together with avocado!!!!!


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