I promised to add an amazing recipe next, so here you are!

My mother-in-law came for  a visit and I wanted to have an Italian night as a theme. I decided to serve lasagne and tiramisu.  I took the recipe from the Finnish magazine called Maku and adjusted it a bit, instead of espresso I used dark coffee and instead of marsala wine I added whisky as I like whisky flavour more. The secret of this recipe and I guess any tiramisu recipe is not to try any diet versions but go full on with mascarpone cheese and eggs. This tiramisu is easy and quick to make but it tastes like you have spent hours on creating the master piece. Try it and you won’t be disappointed if you just like tiramisus and coffee flavour 🙂 This is a guaranteed dessert for any dinner party! My dear Aussie husband loved this!


2 1/2dl coffee (dark coffee or espresso)

3tbs whisky

5 eggs

1dl sugar

500h mascarpone cheese

150-200g Italian savoiard biscuits


1/2dl coco powder

1. Mix coffee and whisky together

2. Whisk egg whites until thick foam. Whisk egg yolks and sugar until white foam.

3. Mix mascarpone cheese into the egg yolk mixture, mix well. Add egg white foam into this mixture and mix well again.

4. Soak half of the biscuits in coffee-whisky mixture and build the base. Last, pour the tiramisu mixture on the top of the biscuits. Let tiramisu sit in the fridge at least 3h. Before serving sprinkle coco powder on top. You can build two layers too if you want to.

YUMMY! I guarantee.


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