La Farola -Spanish Feast


I am a foody. I love good food and I mean food not treats. I have a sweet tooth, a big one, but if I have to choose a cake or an amazing meal, I choose a meal.

Lately I have suffered from not getting enough kicks from food. The fault is purely my own or my dear Aussie husband’s. We eat so well all the time that I find it hard to experience anything that is brain exploding and so tasty that words cannot describe. Well, I am delighted to tell you that at the weekend I found an amazing bistro.

Like I have mentioned earlier, my dear Aussie husband, our daughter and I are moving a bit further in North London. We have lived in Highbury but it is time to upgrade in house size so we need to move a bit further so that the price is more affordable. Currently we are living in an area where ladies’ nursing bags are Chanels and Louis Vuittons and the family cars are Jaguars, BMW X5s, Range Rovers, Rolce Royces and so on. I don’t really feel I quite fit into it 🙂 I love dressing up well but my wardrobe is not full of luxury brands but regular high street labels.

Anyway, as we are moving away tomorrow at the weekend my dear Aussie husband and I decided to go out on our local high street -Upper Street- and eat super well to celebrate our last weekend here. I chose a new place I have passed several times within past few weeks. It looks so attractive and inviting. It is a Spanish tapas bar called La Farola Cafe and Bistro (101 Uppers Street, N1 1QN London). They don’t have a website which is surprising. I assume it is some kind of family business. The decor is stylish, industrial rustic tables and chairs and lots of small bits and pieces to make it homely and cosy! Great Spanish feeling! I particularly loved the painting in the corridor leading the toilets, it presented a flamenco dancer dressed in red!

The food was bran exploding…we ended up having SEVEN different tapas dishes, good wine and dessert. We ate parma ham croquettes, deep fried squid, deep fried spanish cheese, marinated octopus, marinated king prawns, courgette flowers (a brilliant idea, a flower shape courgette plus flower filled in goat cheese!!) and grilled chorizos. I had Argentinian white wine with them and my husband took Spanish Rioja. The dessert was of course the traditional Churros dipped in chocolate sauce -yum. Everything was phenomenally tasty! Exotic flavours, beautiful presentation and definitely the best Spanish food I have eaten outside of Spain! If you go to London I would say this place is worth checking out -it is so so good. I also recommend Upper Street in general. It has fantastic restaurants and cocktail bars, better value than zone 1 and the best thing in this area is no tourists. This is more like local’s stomping ground and that is why I love it. North London in general is really ”cool” and ”edgy”. My husband teased me asking what is ”edgy” and I said it is in the edge of mainstream and alternative. People in North London dress up well and by saying this I don’t mean only expensively I mean they look stylish but not like you find in In Style or Vogue magazines but a bit more alternative way. I so often feel like I look like a proper Scandi in my Scandic style simplistic clothing style in the middle of the people who wear cool looking sunnies, a bit hipster style clothes and combine  clothes in an interesting way! So all in all, Upper street, Angel and Stoke Newington in my opinion are definitely the place to go if you visit London!

Back to this cafe and bistro still…La Farola is very reasonably priced, tapases are 3-7 pound a portion so not expensive! It is a rather new place so maybe in future they will have a website too. If you are interested, you can check out the reviews here. I noticed other people have been praising the place too and I am not surprised!!

Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos. I have to say I was thinking of it but lately many London restaurant have started to ban picture taking. You can photograph the restaurants in general but not their portions, I think they don’t want competitors to imitate the presentation.. I wish I could have taken photos as the portions were built into perfection!

Well, my next post will be written in our new house. By then, for Finns I say ”Hyvää Vappua”, ”Glada Vappen” and for everyone else have a lovely working week!


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