Quick Korma -Housewife’s safe bet


I don’t know if you like Indian food but I absolutely love it. Sometimes I even get such a strong craving for Indian food that I cannot resist and I end up ordering home delivery. I have been meaning to cook Indian at home for a long time but I always face the same dilemma: I don’t want to use ready sauces as they seem to have the same ”ready flavour” as I call it (and i guess I have been rather clear in my blog that I dislike ready food :)). The ready sauces just do not taste good or fresh as the sauce has been sitting in a jar for who knows how long. I have to also admit that I am a way to lazy to familiarise myself with all the Indian spices now when I have a small baby to look after. To be realistic I don’t have time to ground my own spice mixes. So until last night I have been ordering take away whenever I get this craving.

Yesterday I went to the supermarket in our new neighbourhood and I noticed the ready INDIAN SPICE MIXES  (not ready sauces) and I thought I would give them a try. It was a fantastic offer 3 for £5 so I got Korma, Madras and Medium Yellow Curry (Schwartz) so I thought if they were bad I didn’t waste too much money.

korma spice

I knew there could be a chance that my attempt to cook with these spice mixes could end up being a disaster. After trying it I have to say these spice mixes are fantastic. I would go as far as to say that if I ordered Indian I wouldn’t know if the restaurant has been using these mixes or not. Last night I made Chicken Korma. I followed the recipe on the pack but like usually I added my own touch to it.

Nearby our new house there is also this amazing supermarket (Yasar Halim -one store in Harringey and one in Palmers Green)  that specialises in Turkish, Greek and Indian food plus has a phenomenal greengrocer attached to it. They have fresh baklavas in the bakery section, they have lovely stuffed aubergines and vine leaves and so many treats that it is almost dangerous to go to the store hungry 🙂 Yesterday I found fresh Naan bread there so I served my home made Korma with this delicious Naan. This Naan by the way was only 99p a pack and it had three huge Naans in it. Such a good value! It is so strange how in London if you live very central you pay ”city extra” and when you live even a bit further everything is so cheap and one saves crazily in pure grocery shopping!

Here is the recipe for my delicious Korma.

For 2-3 people

1 onion

1 garlic clove

300-400g Chicken breast

150g natural yoghurt (I used Greek one)

3tbs Schwatz Korma mix

1tbs lemon juice

1dl (100ml) single cream

1dl (100ml) water

3tbs brown syrop (Suomessa siis tummaa leivontasiirappia), I think Golden syrop or KeKap (Ketjap) Manis could work as well.

1. Cook the diced onion and garlic to golden brown.

2. Mix yoghurt, 1tbs Korma mix and lemon juice together.

3. Add diced chicken breast into golden onion mix , add two tbs of Korma mix and keep on cooking.

4. Pour yoghurt mix into the chicken onion mix and let it simmer.

5. Add cream and let it simmer.

6. Add water and let it simmer.

7. Add brown syrop and let the sauce still simmer for 10-15minutes so that the spice flavours will release and balance properly.

8. Serve with Naan bread.

A  guaranteed good quick recipe! My Aussie husband praised this dish and wondered how I got the proper Indian flavour…Bon appetit!


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