Sparkle, Sparkle, Wizard of Oz is here!

I have a fancy Oxford wedding coming up in one week time, it is the wedding party of my husband’s friend and it is a black tie evening party meaning women will be wearing long evening dresses and facinators… Wow, I am so looking forward to this party in a prestigious and stunning Oxford location! I have decided that I will do smoky eye makeup with my long black evening gown but have been wondering how I should do my nails. As I am rather pale and fair strong red or purple nail tones do not look good on me..I remind a vampire 🙂 Whilst I have been trying to solve this nail-do dilemma I tested the new nail style that all the blogs are talking about. This sparkling nail look would suit perfectly for the occasion, it is fancy enough but also neutral and won’t seek too much attention like dramatic red nails

Tips come here. You need two nailpolishes both OPI: Theodore You and Which is Witch.

theodore youThese two nail polishes are part of OPI’s Wizard of Oz collection. Theodore You works as a base (you may need double or triple layers)

and Which is Witch on top.

which is w

I did this nail-do today and it looks absolutely gorgeous.I recommend!!! Run to the store and buy these two colours, you won’t be disappointed!



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