Garnier BB Cream -Fantastic price match!

I have mentioned earlier how in terms of make up products I swear in Chanel and Dior. My make up case has hardly any other labels in it. Lately I have, however, done some research and tested other products that could be potentially good price matches, meaning that the value for your money is extremely good.

I popped in to the store the other day and my eyes were caught by the Garnier BB cream that was sitting in the shelf. I am not a big fan of Garnier products in general. I have tried their self tanning lotion and hair spray  but haven’t been convinced. The BB cream is an exception! I have been applying it now both yesterday and today and it does miracles to your skin. It really does what it promises: fades blemishes and makes your skin more perfect than it actually is. It is truly a skin perfector  as the name stands.


There are two different types of it, I bought the one for sensitive skin. I have extremely sensitive skin and I am not only allergic to all the fragrances they usually add into the moisturisers but I also dislike the strong moisturiser smells, they give me head ache. This BB cream is really neutral and has hardly any smell as it is fully fragrance free. There are two different colours light/clair and medium. I chose light as I am very fair and have pale skin tone unless well tanned.

The reason I wanted to write about this BB cream is that it really is worth more than its price. For the general high street product it is amazing! After trying it, you would think that you are applying some really high end BB cream. I warmly recommend this product. It has become already one of my trusted products within past two days. What is even better, in the end of the day your skin feels soft and smooth as this BB cream seems to breath very well. I am impressed. Go and get yours from the store. In the UK they have it currently in offer for £6.66 a tube, in Finland you have to unfortunately pay 13.95€ to get this product. That is cheap anyway, so if it does not suit for your needs you won’t lose much money 🙂


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