St Giles Cafe in Oxford

We went to Oxford last weekend. Our friend got married there and we had an amazing wedding party in the most prestigious location you can imagine. Bodleian Library at the Divinity School and the kick on party was in the Rhodes House! The buildings just blow out your mind. They are old and beautiful and you can only imagine how many stories they capture.

This wedding party was the first time my dear Aussie husband and I went out together after the baby was born. My father and brother flew all the way from Finland to babysit..and they were amazing babysitters! No emergency text messages during the party but I was able to relax and enjoy (although I missed my darling girl sooooo much!!!).

Anyway, on the following day we went for the breakfast and found this lovely local coffee house nearby the university. It was called St Giles Cafe. It had cosy home feeling, everything was baked and prepared there and service was exceptionally friendly!


They served the best home made honey yoghurt granola in this place!! It was fantastic! It was served in the individual glass pot and had home made berry compote in the bottom. Yummy!!!


The full English breakfast was excellent too, my dear Aussie husband, brother and father ate that 🙂

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