Banana Oatmeal Breakfast Muffins -Healthy Choice

ImageI wanted to share with you this amazing recipe. I actually got it from the kitchen show I recently watched here in England. The show is called Kitchen Hero and it is about the young and funny Irish man who cooks from leftovers. He is very into organic food and recycling and I guess that makes his show interesting. What is even better the recipes are usually simple and what I particularly like in them is that they are mostly using ingredients that you would have sitting in your cupboard anyway.

This week he made these banana oatmeal muffins and they caught my eye as they looked healthy and delicious. Making them does not follow the usual muffin recipe at all as the fluffiness comes from the whisked egg white, not beat egg/sugar mixture.

Yesterday I tested out the recipe myself and the muffins were fantastic. There is hardly any fat in them, only vegetable oil and the sugar is light brown sugar in Finland known as ”intiaanisokeri” which is unprocessed sugar. I amended a recipe a bit as usual but it seemed to work perfectly when done my way. My dear Aussie husband ate them as the first thing when he came home from work yesterday and he started his morning with the breakfast muffin!

These muffins are also good if you have young children and you don’t want to load them full of white sugar and flour ( I wouldn’t!) as these muffins have lots of wholemeal flour and oats and like mentioned earlier brown sugar.

Try these. The recipe will make approximately six big muffins.

1dl plain flour

3/4dl wholemeal flour

2 1/2dl rolled oats

1/2 dl light brown sugar ( or a bit more :))

1tbs baking powder

1tsp cinnamon powder

1 1/4dl milk

1 egg

1 egg white

1-2tbs vegetable oil

1tbs coffee

2 bananas

1. Preheat the oven to 200 celsius degrees.

2. Combine flours, oats, sugar, baking powder and cinnamon.

3. Mix milk, one egg, coffee and one mashed banana together in a separate bowl.

4. Whisk the egg white in a separate bowl.

5. Combine dry ingredients with the milk mix.

6. In the end combine whisked egg white with the rest.

7. Pour into the muffin tins. Cook for 25 minutes.


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