Nursing Bag -Make Your Own

My auntie gave me a fantastic present whilst we visited Finland last weekend. She got the idea from her friend and decided to try to make the same. The present was a nursing bag. It is not like any nursing bag as when you open it, it becomes a changing mat. This is such a perfect invention for a person like me who likes to travel a lot with the baby and needs to change nappies in all sort of places. (You have no idea where I have been changing nappies…!!)I already tested out this gift on the way home from Finland. I used it both in Helsinki-Vantaa and Heathrow airports and it was great! Personally I dislike using the changing tables at the airports or in the restaurants and therefore I carry a huge muslin square with me all times so that I can place that on the top of the changing tables before putting my baby there. This nursing bag however means that I don’t have to carry the huge muslin square any more, which is great! Whilst travelling with the baby you have enough stuff anyway so if you can leave something out, that saves room for something else!

This multipurpose nursing bag has two buttons and two hooks and by putting them together the changing mat becomes a nursing bag and vice versa. It is easy to make and a great idea for a present for any new mum. In fact I was planning to buy some nice Marimekko and Vallila fabric and make these nursing bags for my friends over here and in Finland. I think this is the type of bag every mummy needs when their babies are young. You can also use this bag as a picnic blanket on the gras for you bub! See below the pics to get an idea how the bag is put together.

photo (12)

If you think this is a good idea let me know!?! As a business idea with some cool print Scandi fabric, these bags would sell well 🙂


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