Finnish Maternity Packs -BBC magazine and 6pm World News

I wrote about Finnish maternity packs a while ago in my blog. Yesterday an article about Finnish maternity packs was a huge success on BBC website. It was titled ”Why Finnish babies sleep in cardboard boxes”. It was the second most read article and got over 400 comments straight away. Wow!

BBC article here.

My friend who is working for the Finnish Embassy in London organised me to go to BBC World News at 6pm as BBC was looking for a Finnish lady who has recently had her baby and got the maternity pack. I took some maternity pack goods with me and went to the BBC studio at Portland Place London. My little daughter gave her first TV appearance whilst being only three months old. In te news she was reading the maternity pack book ”Little Reindeer’s Day” and was wearing some of the clothes from 2011 maternity pack. It was an exciting moment as it was a live broadcast and shown all over the world but it was for the good thing. I am proud to be a Finn, the concept of maternity pack is so close to my heart as well as promoting breastfeeding. The things that are not self evident here in Britain. Maternity and infant care, maternity benefits, equality and women rights are at the admirable state in Finland. When living overseas, these things start meaning a lot more and my thankfulness and appreciation towards my home country grows remarkably. Finnish maternity packs are an amazing invention. I believe, the pack does increase equality between social groups, it gives the same start for every Finnish baby, it is also funny that you can tell by the clothes which year’s maternity pack baby is wearing. It is also worth mentioning that all the products in the pack are produced by Finnish manufacturers (Reima, Tutta, Pikkuiset etc.) The pack gets eco friendlier after every year and these days it includes reusable nappies for people to try. I personally think this invention is something unique, genius and it should be introduced in all the western societies. For a new mother after the baby it is the best gift ever to get this kind of pack.

”Why Finnish babies sleep in cardboard boxes” – interview here.



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