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Staying at home with the baby gives you an amazing opportunity to spend some money online! When I am having my cup of coffee in the afternoon I love to either browse my favourite fashion blogs or do some online shopping! During the past week I was especially looking for online shopping sites that would sell Nordic goods in the UK. I love Finnish design (which probably had become evident in my blog!), but I have to say it is not easy to find the products in the UK, particularly the smaller brands that are mostly well known in Finland you have no chance to find.  Being so, my luggage is usually full of stuff when I come back from Finland. I check in 10kg in Heathrow, I check in 23kg in Helsinki-Vantaa airport when flying back…typical story.

One of my favourite home ware brand is Pentik. Last time I carried for example these amazing Pentik Reindeer cups with me as I fell in love with them!! The line is called Saaga and the mugs definitely have some Lappish charm! They are still very modern and suit perfectly to my simplistic Nordic taste!


Picture from Pentik website.









I also purchased Pentik reindeer tea light holders that I thought were super stylish.








Now they are giving an enchanting touch in our lounge above the fire place!








As I like these kind of products I am always open for new similar kind of pieces. Last week the UK based online store that sells really unique house ware pieces opened. The store is called House of Bulldog and Moose. This store has a fantastic selection of very unusual and stylish  kitchen and interior design things! The style reminds me of Finnish Pentik.  What caught my eyes were the Owl mugs

owl mug

and in fact the whole Wildlife Dusk range from the same designer (Magpie).










House of Bulldog and Moose is selling mainly Finnish design products from smaller designer like Lapuan Kankurit, Saana ja Olli, Studio Halonen etc. Magpie, however, is British. The product range in this online store is put together very well, the products do compliment each other. Most of them have what I would call Finnish arctic magic! They have the same kind of fascinating style as Pentik Saaga mugs. For example I love these tea towels! There is also a pillow made out of same fabric:

Maailman synty

Well, anyway, I thought I would post and recommend you to visit House of Bulldog and Moose website in case you find something that suits for your decor in kitchen or lounge :)! I am personally really tempted to do some online shopping in this particular online store!

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