Sewing, Fabric and Ray Stitch..

I have gotten this crazy idea of starting my sewing hobby again.It has been almost 10 years since I sewed so we’ll see how it turns out. My biggest problem in London is that I don’t really know where to go to buy fabric. I know it sound strange as in a huge city like this you would assume that there are too many places to choose from. This is not the case. The reason for it is simply that Britain is not one of those ”make your own” societies, no, people tend to my buy most of their things already made as you can find things so cheaply that it does not really make sense to make your own. I didn’t only want to find fabric but I also wanted to find nice printed fabric, preferable really good quality maybe even organic. As I didn’t know where to go to sewing adventures I posted a question on Finnish People in London webpage in Facebook. It was a genius idea as I got so many fantastic suggestions of places to visit. I ended up going to this place called ”Ray Stitch”. It is on Essex Road so just around the corner where we used to live in Highbury. I knew that around this area you would only get great stuff so I headed there yesterday.     ray stitch 3

I don’t even know where to start. Well, first of all their fabric selection was phenomenal! Not big but the quality and style of the fabric was exactly what I was looking for. Secondly they are selling Finnish Vallila fabrics -which as a Finn I thought it showed that they do want to sell something really unusual. They had probably six or seven Vallila fabrics amongst them Helsinki and Kaisaniemi prints and in fact great selection of other different curtain fabrics. They had used Vallila fabric for sun lounge chairs -awesome idea (see in the picture)!!

Ray stitch 2

Thirdly, the shop has also a coffee shop attached to it, only a few chairs but the food looks great too! As I saw all this I got super excited. I found this new fabric brand that I fell in love with. It is called KOKKA. It is a Japanese brand but their style reminds me of Finnish design prints like Marimekko, Nanso, Finlayson or Vallila. I found one really lovely fabric and as I was looking at it a bit closer I noticed that it had a Finnish word printed on it. It said ”mustaherukka” which is blackcurrant in Finnish. I told this to the sales assistant and she was excited. She said that she has been wondering what language the print was, but never thought it would be Finnish on a Japanese fabric -how funny is that!  Well, we all know Japanese are the biggest fans of Finland -Sisu, Sauna and Sibelius 🙂 Anyway the whole fabric had Finnish vibe in it. It had pictures of bears and moose and was describing Finnish forest. I couldn’t resist of buying it -it was perfect for what I was planning to make out of it!!


Look at this gorgeous fabric -organic too!

I also found this adorable ladybug fabric from the same manufacturer -KOKKA!


The dotted fabric next to the ladybug one is organic soft cotton -so soft and smooth and lovely, perfect for babies!

As I was pretty excited I ended up buying a pattern to make a tunic or baby dress for my little daughter! They had a great selection of Danish patterns that were easy but trendy! Now I just have to go there again and buy some lovely printed fabric to make a dress 🙂 My poor credit card!


Well, if you have chance to visit this lovely store and coffee shop you should. Like I said they have an amazing selection of fabrics, patterns and haberdashery, good customer service and lovely location!

ray stitch


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