Raw food chocolate mousse and sunny summer Finland

KuvaHow amazing it is to pick strawberries and blueberries from your own forest and eat them for breakfast. This is what you can do at the Finnish summer cottage! My little baby girl also enjoyed eating these blueberries after 5 months of milk ! 🙂 I have to say it is great to be back in summer Finland it is so beautiful, sunny, light, fresh and clean.


Due to my daughter’s milk allergy I have left all the dairy, eggs, wheat, barley and rye away from my diet. At first I was shocked but now it seems to be very exciting as I have to cook and bake different things than I am used to. Of course I have to admit that I am in the dream land of all the alternative product. In Finland they sell oat ice cream, rice ice cream, all sort of oat youghurts and it is not difficult to find for example egg and dairy free breakfast biscuits. Now when I have been thinking of this more I have started to feel like I may not go back to full on dairy. Maybe I will use butter and cheese but I mean drinking milk or using cream in everything. I guess this whole breastfeeding has made me realise that my milk is what I eat and so is cows’. What if they get fed some crappy dog food like artificial thing every day, what will the milk be then? Am I supposed to eat that in my every day diet? Maybe some organic milk is fine but I won’t go back to regular milk, that is for sure.I must have been dumping myself full of chemicals during the past decade or so! Don’t worry, I won’t become a grass eater but I think it has been eyes opening to think of these things a bit more.

My cousin who has read a lot about raw food made me a delicious raw food chocolate cake the other day. I will share the whole cake recipe with you later but now I will only add the mousse that was used as an icing. The whole idea to combine dates, avocado and coco powder sounds strange but it is super tasty and super healthy too! It can be also served for kids as it contains zero percent sugar only natural sweetness from the dates and honey!!! Try this, I have been eating this delicious mousse for the past few days!

1dl (100ml=half a cup) fresh dates

1dl water

4 tbs honey or Agave syrop

1 tsp vanilla powder (from organic stores, not the sugar but the real bourbon powder)

2 avocados

1dl coco powder

1. In the blender, mix dates, water, honey and vanilla powder.

2. Add the avocado flesh. Blend well.

3. Add the coco powder. Blend well.

Enjoy as such or with vanilla ice cream! This is super tasty!!!!



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