Quick oven baked basil seabass -Nopea basilikainen meriantura

photo (32)As all the new mums know, time is not something you have too much, in fact you feel like there is always too few hours in a day. My meals these days cannot take more than 30 minutes to cook otherwise there is no way I will eat the dinner whilst it is still warm.  Alternatively they can be slow cooked ones that take up for three hours to cook such as I can do something else whilst waiting.

Lately I have been craving for fish. I have probably noted it before that I have been just eating salmon like never seen before. I have explained it to myself that my body tries to tell me that I need omega oils and fish fat as I miss all the fat from meat and dairy due to this new diet. I love eating fish and I have discovered my inner fish chef -finally. It wasn’t easy to start cooking fish as I have earlier only eaten fish at the restaurants and been too lazy to cook it at home myself. Times have changed and now this family eats fish almost 5 days a week which I am proud of! I know someone could say ”watch out those bad heavy metal pollutants” but I still think it is better for me now to eat fish as much as possible to get enough oils.

For my oven baked basil seabass you need only a few ingredients.

Fresh basil ( a big bunch of it)

4-5  tbs good quality extra virgin olive oil (or more!!)

Black pepper

Mixed pepper (red, green, white and black in the same grinder)

1 tsp Rock salt

1. Puree basil and olive oil.

2. Spice the basil with black and mixed peppers.

3. Put the seabass filets inside of the foil and sprinkle rock salt on the top of the filets. Use quite a bit!

4. Pour basil puree on the top of the filets. Wrap them in foil and cook in 180 celsius degrees for 15 minutes.

Last night I served this lovely seabass with salad that had quinoa, pear, cucumber and goji berries in it to add some carbs and more nutritional value.

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