Tip of the week: Avocado Nature’s Butter -Avokado Luonnon Voi

ImageFor many Australians particularly for Queenslanders it is self evident to use avocado on the bread as a spreading. My Aussie husband’s favourite combination is Vegemite and mashed avocado on the top of the rice cake. I know, sounds weird! I have to admit that it is incredibly tasty. During my current diet I cannot put butter on bread (which I love to do!!) and I am not very fond of those vegetable oil spreadings as they don’t have the same flavour as butter, only the consistency imitates it. Being so, lately I have mashed avocado and used it as a spreading on the top of rice cakes and bread. It is tasty, healthy and nutritious! I warmly recommend to anyone. An extremely tasty combination is this avocado mash, a hint of black pepper and for example smoked salmon on any bread.



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