Treats and English Afternoon Tea

My yummy treats arrived today! I have to say I am turning to more and more British every day. I noted to my dear Aussie husband the other day that I have started to like British chocolate. That is weird. As  Finns we are so proud of our Fazer chocolate and for a Finn that is the only real chocolate in the universe. Something has happened to me. I used to dislike Cadbury and other British made chocolates as I found them too sweet and more like Easter egg chocolate than real creamy ones. Something in my taste buds have apparently changed. My new favourites are Moo Free chocolate bars. They are suitable for my diet as they are dairy, lactose, gluten and wheat free and vegan too. They taste amazing! The absolute queen of the chocolate is Scrummy honey comb bars which are rice milk chocolate and honey comb on top. So tasty! I can warmly recommend these to everyone! You can order them from Amazon too!

My delivery included also some Australian goods. Orgran is a fantastic brand as it does all sort of gluten free stuff. Orgran also produces no-egg powder that is extremely handy when baking without eggs. I bought the Outback vanilla cookies just in case. If I don’t have time to do baking at least I have something in the cupboard for the rainy day 🙂

My Britishness got a whole new dimension yesterday when I bought vintage afternoon tea set. It is made in England and I think it is a great souvenir to bring along when we one day leave this country behind. I got six cups, plates, serving plates, saucer, sugar pot and three layer afternoon tea tray! I am so excited about it as now I can actually invite people for afternoon tea and serve the treats traditionally! The pattern is from 60s and I really love it. It is good quality and well known brand too. I got it super cheaply form the second hand store just around the corner from our house.  The tea set is such a stylish combination of vintage and kitchy style. I am sure my grandmother-in-law will be so proud of me! 🙂



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