Tiger Nuts are Super Food -Should I give them a try?

tiger nutsI am quite interested in trying Tiger nuts. According to the many sources tiger nuts  are ”very healthy, they can help to prevent heart attacks, thrombosis and activate blood circulation. Due to the high contents of soluble glucose they can also help prevent cancer and lately some investigators discovered that they can help reduce the risk of suffering colon cancer. The very high fiber content combined with a delicious taste, make them ideal for healthy eating.”

Tiger nut or earth almond (“chufa”) (Cyperus esculentus) is a tuber belonging to the Cyperaceae family. It is exclusively grown in Valencia (Spain). Its use is very common in Spain, and it is generally employed to obtain a cool drink called tiger nut milk (“horchata”) which has a creamy and milky appearance. This drink is obtained by macerating tiger nuts with water and sugar, and it is widely consumed in Spain. It has been reported to be a “health” food. This tuber is rich in energy content (starch, fat, sugar, and protein), minerals (mainly phosphorus and potassium), and vitamins E and C thus making this tuber also suitable for diabetics. Tigernut tubers contain almost twice the quantity of starch as potato or sweet potato tubers. The oil of the tuber was found to contain 18% saturated (palmitic acid and stearic acid) and 82% unsaturated (oleic acid and linoleic acid) fatty acids. The moderately high content of phytosterols further enriches the quality and value of tigernut oil as a food source. Raw tiger nut can be eaten too. In spite of the widespread consumption of tiger nuts in some areas, tiger nut allergy has rarely been reported.

Due to the fact that it is not a nut and it has non-allergenic nature I think I should try these in baking. As my baby girl is apparently allergic to nuts too but for example crushed nuts are hard to replace with any other ingredients in cooking I may try these.

As a tip for you who are struggling with allergies particularly with nut allergies this might be a perfect option. I will post a recipe about biscuits or cakes after I have tried using tiger nuts.

At least in England tiger nuts seem to be rather cheap too so they would be also more economical option for baking if nuts are required and you can buy them in Finland too.

Remember to soak them first so that they come more edible and easier to handle, crush or chew 🙂


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