My Sunday in London -Sunnuntai Lontoossa

Our Sunday tradition has been to go to Shoreditch markets. We started our day there. It is a culinary experience without a comparison. All the cuisines from around the world are gathered in the industrial style halls in East London. You can see people cooking the food in front of you and you can walk from stall to stall and buy whatever you fancy.

I love cakes so I toured around the most amazing looking cupcake and cake stalls…


These cupcakes you can order online:


These ones looked so tasty too…


My dear Aussie husband is more into savoury things so he was admiring the world cuisine..


We ended up buying fantastic South American meals in the stall below. The meal consisted of pulled pork, some magical sauce, panfried bananas and arepas which are corn pancakes. These pancakes were super interesting. They are only made out of corn flour and water but due to its starchy consistency the corn flour keeps the pancakes together. Yummy!


The corn flour was a bit like Maizena (see the picture below). I think I may try to make arepas and then some panfried bananas and meat to go with them -it was a genius combination!


In the markets they also have some vintage clothing and young designers selling their art and clothes! I found a mumpreneur, who made printed baby clothes out of  Fairtrade organic cotton. The material was lovely and prints very funny so I could not resist myself. She also personalised the clothing by printing the name of the child on the back of the clothes so I bought a pink T-shirt sayong ”Milkaholic” with my baby girl’s name written on it. I loved the prints: ”I drink myself to sleep”, ”Milkaholic” etc. This kind of shirt or romper would be a great gift to any baby! You can by them online so check out the site if you are interested: Smelly babies

After the markets we were full of food but felt like a good cup of coffee so we ended up to the New Zealander coffee place called All Press. They make the most delicious Flat Whites in town and they also make soy versions of them so I got one! Oh how wonderful it was…again..


From East London we decided to head to West End just to experience the contrast between these two worlds. We love to return to West End regularly as we used to live there before having our baby girl. We lived only a few streets behind Oxford street in the peaceful Marylebone and enjoyed our Central London time. It was amazing to walk home after a big night out. It was easy to go to the theatre as they were just around the corner and of course for a shopaholic like myself living next to the world’s most famous department stores was like a heaven! We went for drinks to one of my favourite places, a small mews called Lancashire court. It has quite a few sophisticated wine and cocktail bars, outdoor terraces and a great atmosphere. I had a tasty glass of Chardonnay in Mews of Mayfair


Mews of Mayfair has also a fine dining restaurant downstairs that I can warmly recommend to anyone. You can book it sometimes on Toptable too.

What a great day. It was one of those days when I felt that I am so lucky to live in this wonderful and exciting city. London is one of the kind. It will be hard to leave it behind one day..we’ll see if we ever will. Last night after our baby girl fell asleep and we had our parents’ moment we both agreed how wonderful it is to live in Europe, particularly in London. The quality of life here is just phenomenally good and every day is more exciting than the other.


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